An innovative network

The West African Network of Clinical Laboratories (RESAOLAB)

RESAOLAB is the first regional program designed to build laboratory capacity as an essential component of health systems.

Improve laboratory services

through a standardized system to ensure quality

Build human resources capacity

by providing training for lab personnel

Strengthen information management

by using a specially-designed system to improve disease surveillance


A network in action

With strong initial support from national and regional stakeholders, the health ministries gradually take ownership of all aspects of project management.

Initial and ongoing learning opportunities enhance the skills of lab staff.

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Expand training

Improve quality

Quality medical analyses are essential to ensure a reliable diagnosis.

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Develop governance

Clear regional and national policies impact lab performance and development.

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Data collection systems contribute to improved infectious disease surveillance.

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Support surveillance

Build networks

Sharing expertise and resources creates solid national and regional laboratory networks.

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“Improving laboratories means saving patients’ lives, making treatments more effective and reducing hospital stays.”

Achievements since RESAOLAB was founded in 2009


modules developed

on biosafety, data management, biochemistry, hematology, etc.


Training courses

with over 20 participants per course


Public & private labs

receive supervision via the network



have external quality control programs

A national and regional approach

By fostering international and regional cooperation among the countries, the RESAOLAB network promotes sharing skills and experience to improve clinical diagnostics and disease surveillance.