Support Surveillance

Epidemiological surveillance requires a reliable system to collect data from laboratory analyses.

RESAOLAB improves surveillance of infectious diseases through daily management of laboratory data and better collection and transmission of epidemiological data to national governing structures. One of our goals is to provide a free, robust Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solution for laboratories.

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

LabBook is open-source software that can be downloaded by any lab that requests it, in French or English.

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Streamlined data management

Automated reporting helps streamline the management of data related to laboratory activities, allowing teams to collect and manage information about clinical results, billing, technical validations and more. In addition, LabBook ensures that everyone in the lab uses the same interface.

Key figures


user manuals

available: biologist, secretary, technician, administrator


people trained

to use the software



have installed the system

Other focus areas

Create a dynamic network

Sharing expertise and resources through national and regional laboratory networks.

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Develop training

Providing initial and continuous training for laboratory personnel.

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Improve quality

Strengthening laboratory services by implementing a standardized quality system.

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Reinforce governance

Improving governance of laboratory systems by helping define regional and national policies.

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