Improve Quality

We take practical steps to improve quality expertise, processes and supervision in clinical analysis laboratories so that they can deliver reliable diagnostic results.

Adopting a standardized approach to ensure quality in every aspect of running a laboratory helps improve overall organization, technical capacities and lab efficiency.

Quality plan

Defining and implementing a quality plan with best laboratory practices in each country

Training programs

Designing and developing training programs focused on quality in the laboratory

National supervision

Supporting national laboratory directorates in charge of supervising all the country’s laboratories

National supervision

Laboratory supervision makes it possible to report on infrastructures, equipment and training of laboratory staff, in order to establish a mapping of all the laboratories in each country. It is also a means of providing support for laboratories in their quality approach.

The external quality assessment involves a comparison of the analysis results from a given laboratory with an external benchmark, thereby providing objective evidence of analysis quality. The laboratories receive test samples to be analyzed, and the level of compliance of the results is forwarded to the participating laboratories in order to implement any corrective action for the continuous improvement of analysis quality. More than 200 laboratories benefited from an external quality control program, 70 of which benefited from an international program with the specialist agency One World Accuracy.

Key figures


harmonized plans

for quality in the laboratory



are involved in a new EQA program



are equipped with infrastructure to organize national EQA sessions

Other focus areas

Dynamic network

Sharing expertise and resources through national and regional laboratory networks.

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Improving governance of laboratory systems by helping define regional and national policies.

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Establishing a laboratory information management system for infectious disease surveillance.

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Providing initial and continuous training for laboratory personnel.

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