RESAOLAB aims to improve the quality of clinical diagnostics in 15 West African countries by taking a regional approach to strengthen laboratory systems.

National health ministries, international organizations, regional health organizations and other partners provide impetus for strong networks.

Our objectives

Quality clinical diagnostics are a critical link in any health system, yet this is the field that has received the least amount of government aid in recent decades.

Our flagship program addresses the different factors that must converge for effective laboratory management and optimal performance based on:

laboratory services

by implementing a standardized system that ensures the quality of these services

human resources capacity

by providing initial and continuous training for lab personnel

information management

by using a lab information management system to improve disease surveillance

Our activities are designed in collaboration with West African health professionals to reflect laboratories’ day-to-day-reality.

ECOWAS member states in the RESAOLAB network

When RESAOLAB was created in 2009, the original member states were Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal. Four more countries joined in 2013. Since 2015, the network has invited representatives of the 15 ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) countries to attend workshops and annual meetings to develop shared strategies and address key challenges: training personnel, transporting samples, combatting antimicrobial resistance, etc.

Key figures


Lab directorates

created within the national Ministries of Health


workshops on strengthening laboratory practices

are held twice a year


Continuous training centers

built since 2009

We build on the achievements of our expanding network to improve access to reliable diagnostics in West Africa.