Develop Training

All our training programs are designed to help laboratory personnel acquire and update the skills they need to do their jobs effectively.

Initial training

Initial training

For professionals, we help develop and support clinical biology training curricula. Each year, several types of scholarships provide healthcare personnel with the opportunity to obtain a Biology degree (Bachelor, DES, Master, short training in maintenance).

Continuous training

continuous training

We support ongoing training of laboratory staff and create specific modules designed with input from the network’s experts. Our skills development program includes 14 modules on biosafety, data management, diseases with epidemic potential, biochemistry, hematology and other topics.

  • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • Biosafety
  • Ebola
  • Stock, reagent and consumable management
  • Gestion des stocks, des réactifs et consommables
  • Maintenance
  • Diseases with epidemic potential
  • Chronic diseases
  • Quality management
  • Laboratory management
  • Microscopy
  • Culture medium preparation and quality control
  • Pre- and post-testing
  • Prescribers

These modules, which are available in the three official ECOWAS languages – French, English and Portuguese.

Training the trainers

Training the trainers

RESAOLAB has a network of more than 200 instructors who have been trained as trainers in engineering, teaching techniques, and the skills development program.

Teaching facilities

Kindia Training center in Guinea

Building and renovating facilities to house laboratory directorates and training centers for lab technicians is essential to provide the best learning conditions. The centers that have been built and renovated by the program provide lab technicians with optimal training facilities (classrooms, multimedia rooms, practical training areas).

Equipment maintenance

RESAOLAB has helped the EPAC (Ecole Polytechnique Abomey Calavi) school in Cotonou to develop a program to teach technicians how to maintain basic equipment in biomedical laboratories.

The Mérieux Foundation, through RESAOLAB, the European Commission Project P48 put in place by Expertise France, and the REDISSE project, has already provided support to organize 4 training sessions, attended by laboratory professionals from across the sub-region.

As part of RESAOLAB’s phase 3, the Mérieux Foundation wanted to enhance the value of this unique training in the sub-region by conducting a survey of the trainees. The results of the survey made it possible to assess the level of mobilization of skills by the participants after having followed the training and to measure its contribution to the national maintenance systems.

Download the survey report (in French)

Harmonizing national training policies and plans

Experts and human resource development managers organize national and regional workshops in the 7 RESAOLAB countries. Workshops are designed to reach consensus on how to implement the West African Health Organization (WAHO) regional directives and national training plans.

Key figures


modules developed

on biosafety, data management, biochemistry, hematology, etc.


training grants






quality plans

harmonized in the laboratory

Helping to develop trained and qualified laboratory professionals

Other focus areas

Dynamic network

Sharing expertise and resources through national and regional laboratory networks.

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Improving governance of laboratory systems by helping define regional and national policies.

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Strengthening laboratory services by implementing a standardized quality system.

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Establishing a laboratory information management system for infectious disease surveillance.

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