As a RESAOLAB member, Guinea takes part in training, laboratory supervision, quality assurance and external quality assessment initiatives each year. It is one of the West African countries hardest hit by the 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic.

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    RESAOLAB initiatives in Guinea as of January 2017


    In Guinea, RESAOLAB has supported efforts to combat the Ebola virus disease. This epidemic highlighted the need to strengthen healthcare systems in West African countries, in particular laboratory capacities to perform diagnostics and accelerate the identification of pathogens and potential infection hotbeds.

    Working with the Ministry of Health, efforts are under way to improve the Guinean medical biology sector to strengthen capacities to respond to future disease outbreaks.

    The Institut de Perfectionnement Professionnel en Santé (IPPS) in Donka has been renovated to house the newly-created Guinean National Directorate of Laboratories. Training sessions taught by RESAOLAB trainers are held at the IPPS. Guinea is the fifth country where this kind of center has been built thanks to the RESAOLAB program.

    Guinea is also one of the countries that has received scholarships for the Bachelor in Applied Medical Biology (BAMS) course held in Mali.


    Dr. Mamadou Saliou Bah

    Director of Laboratories of Guinea