Today we are bolstering RESAOLAB’s regional approach by taking into account each country’s national priorities with a renewed focus on clinical diagnostics.

To build a strong network we focus on 3 pillars:

  • Annual meetings with all 15 national project teams

  • Support to develop laboratory policies and documents

  • Enhanced capacity to fight antimicrobial resistance

Pillar 1: regional meetings to track progress and share ideas

To implement our ambitious program, RESAOLAB stakeholders meet twice a year with other participants in the network. They share feedback about ongoing projects, update each other on initiatives to harmonize practices, and report on progress in each country. They also examine opportunities for replication between countries and determine strategies based on identified needs, calling on national and international stakeholders for additional expertise as needed.

Pillar 2: policies and strategic plans for the laboratory sector

The RESAOLAB Program aims to support countries as they develop national policies to structure the laboratory sector and implement operational plans on quality, training programs, equipment maintenance, etc. The international team pays particular attention to ensuring standardized documents and promoting a participative approach.

Pillar 3: Strengthening AMR diagnostic testing capacities

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a growing global health concern. What role can RESAOLAB play to address this challenge? Working with regional experts, the program focuses on building laboratory capacity by supporting laboratories as they implement quality antimicrobial susceptibility testing and share national data to contribute to regional surveillance.

How our program is run

The RESAOLAB association

which represents professionals of the medical biology sector in West Africa

Laboratory Directors

(or their equivalent) in each of the countries of West Africa

Technical & financial partners

including the Mérieux Foundation

Each stakeholder makes a unique contribution to the program. The RESAOLAB association constitutes a pool of professionals with specific know-how and represents the profession in West Africa. The laboratory directors represent the health authorities and national networks, providing key input on the policy dimension.

The Mérieux Foundation brings to the table its expertise, experience, international renown and financial management capacity. The Foundation puts forward ideas and provides funding for cross-sector activities.