To foster effective governance of laboratory systems, countries establish national and regional policies for the development of clinical biology laboratories. They implement plans for procurement, waste management, maintenance, and laboratory management.

Creating national laboratory directorates and networks

RESAOLAB supports the creation of directorates and national laboratory networks across our West African countries. Each laboratory directorate coordinates a network of all the public and private medical analysis laboratories in that country. Their work contributes to strengthening and standardizing the quality of analyses.

To date, four directorates have been built and fully equipped within the scope of RESAOLAB. They play a pivotal role in their four home countries by contributing to the implementation of national policies for laboratory supervision and coordinating clinical biology laboratory activities, assessing the quality of analyses and providing guidance on staff training courses.

Bi-annual meetings

International Steering Committee

Since 2015, the RESAOLAB project has organized and hosted meetings twice a year. Attended by representatives of the 15 ECOWAS countries, these encounters provide an opportunity to share experiences and develop region-wide strategies to address the challenges facing the laboratory sector: training personnel, transporting samples, combatting antimicrobial resistance, etc.

Key figures



with strategic plans & policies in place



have started laboratory mapping



are currently working on setting up a system for referencing samples

Other focus areas


Providing initial and continuous training for laboratory personnel.

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Strengthening laboratory services by implementing a standardized quality system.

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Establishing a laboratory information management system for infectious disease surveillance.

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Sharing expertise and resources through national and regional laboratory networks.

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